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How Courts Decided If You Were A Slave

Some people mistakenly think that only Black Americans were slaves, and that all Whites were free. In fact, tens of thousands of White folks were slaves. Two points explain this odd fact. First, Whiteness back then was based on appearance. If you looked White and were accepted as White, thenRead More

The Rise & Triumph of The U.S. Color Line

Brief History of Census “Race”

Presents three topics: How the census has classified people, why they demand your “race,” and what is the penalty for refusing. Session E4 of a series on contemporary “racial” issues discussed in lectures on “The Study of Racialism.” For details including all sources, visit .

Before the Invention of the U.S. Color Line

Part one of a four-part series. The United States is unique in preserving a genetic enclave of mostly African ancestry. The enclave results from an intermarriage barrier that has lasted for over four centuries. Before the invention of the color line in the Chesapeake colonies, intermarriage was common and theRead More

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