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North Florida Indians, Scott Sewell

    Interviewee: Scott Sewell, North Florida Indians Airtime: Saturday December 27th 3:00-5:00pm CST Introduction: Author, researcher, historian, Tribal Member. Scott Sewell. Scott is currently concluding his MBA and will be moving home to N Florida, where he will continue his studies at the Doctorate level. Christopher Scott Sewell wasRead More

The Rise & Triumph of The U.S. Color Line

After The Invention of The U.S. Color Line

Part three of a four-part series on the origins of the U.S. color line. The United States is unique in preserving a genetic enclave of mostly African ancestry. The enclave results from an intermarriage barrier imposed in 1691, which is still in place due to social pressure. This session coversRead More

The History of “Race” in Science

The History of “Race” in Science. Inspired by Linnean biological categories, philosophers and scientists tried for two centuries to classify humans into biological groups. Some proposed as few as three “races”; others saw hundreds. All such schemes failed when subjected to tests of consistency and replicability. DNA reveals that weRead More

The U.S. Afro-Euro Admixture

About one-third of White Americans have some detectable subsaharan DNA markers from slave ancestors who passed through the color line. Virtually all Black Americans have some Euro DNA markers. For details, including all sources, visit .  

How U.S. Courts Determine Your “Race”

Over the past four centuries, three hundred appealed court cases have determined disputed “racial” classification of American individuals. Why were they necessary? What yardstick did they use? How is this decided today? For details, including all sources, visit . Also of interest is .

The One Drop Rule

The one-drop rule is a U.S. folkloric tradition that someone of European appearance who rejects an African-American self-identity is “really Black,” like it or not, due to having “one drop” of known African ancestry, no matter how ancient. For a text version of this topic, visit . For theRead More

The Backintyme Promo Show

Backintyme Promo Show

Introducing our new project here at We are happy to announce a promo show to our publishing related Mixedblood studies. We will be interviewing authors, researchers, descendants, scholars and lecturer’s on many topics concerning, history, origins, genealogy, DNA, research as well as stories, culture, traditional myths and legends ofRead More

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