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Unexpected Ancestry at the Crossroads of Identity and Genetics

The Cherokee Paradox

For much of human history the community tradition as related from elders to a new generation was the gospel as to one’s personal as well as group identity, with little other sources of information available to contradict it. Today, new developments in the science of human genetics have led toRead More

The Manuel Family

Eddie Manuel, The Manuel Family

Interview with Eddie Manuel at at Blog Talk Radio. Eddie will talk about the Manuel Family who are of Lumbee & Melungeon descent. The Manuel family shared a Portuguese heritage, as well as Native American. Eddie will share with us his DNA scores and what those means to him,Read More

Blog Talk Radio

This Blood Don’t Run!

Check Out Culture Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Backintymedotbiz on BlogTalkRadio WOW..Listen to Ms Joanne Pezzullo she commands attention with her knowledge and research into the peoples of mixed ethnic Indian “little races” We chat about Portuguese and Indian connections to Lumbee, Choctaw, Chickasaw & MOWA Choctaw, Georiga, Alabama,Read More

The Goins Book (2015)

Backintyme Promo Show on Blog Talk Radio! Discussing the soon to be released (2015) Goins Book by Backintyme Publishing. Authors included and descriptions of their chapters. Author’s include; Cyndie Goins Hoelescher descendant of the Moore Co., Pocket Creek Goins families (Lumbee) (Chapter Canceled), Steven “Pony” Hill descendant of The SumterRead More

How Courts Decided If You Were A Slave

Some people mistakenly think that only Black Americans were slaves, and that all Whites were free. In fact, tens of thousands of White folks were slaves. Two points explain this odd fact. First, Whiteness back then was based on appearance. If you looked White and were accepted as White, thenRead More

The Rise & Triumph of The U.S. Color Line

Brief History of Census “Race”

Presents three topics: How the census has classified people, why they demand your “race,” and what is the penalty for refusing. Session E4 of a series on contemporary “racial” issues discussed in lectures on “The Study of Racialism.” For details including all sources, visit .

The Rise & Triumph of The U.S. Color Line

The U.S. Rate of Black-To-White Passing

Shows several ways to compute the 0.10-0.14 percent per year rate at which European-looking youngsters born into the African-American community switch their self-identity from “Black,” to “White” or “Hispanic” after high school. Session C5 of a series of molecular anthropology topics discussed in lectures on “The Study of Racialism.” ForRead More

The Backintyme Promo Show

The Perception of “Race” Traits

Three topics: (1) Why “race” is seen differently in different countries. (2) How U.S. children learn to see “race.” (3) The human instinct to see “otherness.” For details, including all sources, visit .

The History of “Race” in Science

The History of “Race” in Science. Inspired by Linnean biological categories, philosophers and scientists tried for two centuries to classify humans into biological groups. Some proposed as few as three “races”; others saw hundreds. All such schemes failed when subjected to tests of consistency and replicability. DNA reveals that weRead More

The U.S. Afro-Euro Admixture

About one-third of White Americans have some detectable subsaharan DNA markers from slave ancestors who passed through the color line. Virtually all Black Americans have some Euro DNA markers. For details, including all sources, visit .  

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