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2nd Annual Goins Book Research Reunion

2nd Annual Goins Book Research Reunion Press Release

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Re: William Goyens, of Nacogdoches, GTT…Redbones, Gone To Texas! A presentation
2nd Goins Book Research Reunion
Llano Grand Plantation
Nacogdoches, Texas
Tol Barret House
June 8th-12th

My name is Stacy R. Webb, I am a descendant of the Goyens family of East Texas and Louisiana border region. A 12th (or more) generation Texas born Redbone. We are having our 2nd. Annual Goins Reunion Research Week at the Llano Grande Plantation, Tol Barrett House. The purpose of our reunions is to write a book called The Goins Book where we examine, document and preserve the genealogical and historical accounting of this great Republic of Texas family.

Though mystery has shrouded WM Goyens legend over the centuries, we are attempting to set the records strait about who he was, where he came from and his ethnic origins. We are attempting to finally understand the legendary man, and his great contributions to Texas. Along with Wm Goyens, his family was vitally instrumental in the settlement of the Republic of Texas and the Texas Revolution. Nancy Johnson Goyens widow of Old Thomas (died Lafayette, La. 1826), and a brother of Wm Goyens, of Nacogdoches, and whose heirs also received large “head-rights” at Liberty (El Orcoquisac) Liberty and now Clark, situated in both Hardin and Liberty counties, Texas. We believe she is buried at the Field cemetery there, and will be making a trip to visit this historic cemetery and location, vital in the efforts to liberate Texas, from Mexico.

We would like to make a formal announcement and give details of our work through documentation, and DNA studies. We are the only family who was ever mentioned in his estate, or that inherited anything as a blood relation. Though some have tried to alter, and successfully I might add, the recent accounting is inaccurate and we would like to set the record straight, once and for all and to educate the public at large of his true history, and origins..

The Goins Book is scheduled to be released this year, it is well over 500 pages so far and counting, full of documentation, genealogy, history, pictures, tributes and extended DNA study results. Recently, the book had been delayed because of the unusual DNA findings among our families. It is quit the mystery but we also found evidences that related William B.P. Goyens could likely be the brother of, or father of, or son of (otherwise closely related but with contemporary, estimated ages) to William “Billy” Powell aka Black Drink the War Chief and Medicine Man “Osceola” who died at Fort Moultrie South Carolina in 1838. After the US militarized destruction of Harjo Village, which was a very shameful massacre of old people, women and children. And after his death, his warriors, wives (plural) and children who had been held captive with him were removed on their Trail of Tears to final removals to Indian Territory (Oklahoma). This group escaped in the Ozark Mountains, of Arkansas, and disappeared for a number of years. We believe some went into Illinois (Kaskaskia), Missouri, Ohio, Montana (Sioux), and even as far west as Wyoming.  Some years later these men emerged with different surnames but all descendants from one progenitor forefather. This is probably why he signed his name William B.P. (Billy Powell) Goyens as noted in the Prince thesis, and documented among the early Nacogdoches Court House filings with his signature. These heirs, and perfect matches mostly came from Chief Bowles “Duali” & under Chief Fields, as some points camp in Arkansas!

Perfect Y-DNA matches to the following families, who by the way are also all progenitor forefathers of the Redbones, and until this Y-DNA testing, we had thought totally independent families. Shocking, to say the least. Our inter-relatedness is compounded and magnified in these families. Osceola’s family and warriors escaped and later begin to show up in the Neutral Zone (between the Sabine and Calcasieu rivers): Perfect matches: Williams, Powell, Goyens (documented nephews of Wm Goyens of Nacogdoches descendants), Sweat, Warwick, and One genetic distance: Perkins. All early Couhila y Tejas settlers, Texas Revolutionary participants, and original Austin Colony settlers.

Goyens ydna chart

Not only has the DNA been a whirlwind of information, we have also linked other early Republic of Texas families to a direct line with Wm Goyens biologically including the Old Thomas Williams family (Leonardo, William, Brooks) and Priscilla “Pus” Estes who also arrived, with Wm Goyens to Nacogdoches in 1821 and who also contributed greatly to the settlement of Texas, the Texas Revolutionary War. They were legendary Indian fur traders at the Torrey House (Sam Houston’s close confidants and also related to his consort Talihana (sp) Rogers Houston and Chief Bowles)…, and close allies to Sam Houston.

We will be meeting in Nacogdoches on June 8th – the 12th at the above mentioned venue. Descendants will gather, and we will visit his gravesite, which has been destroyed by owners in the 60’s at Shawnee Half-Moon prairie (Goyen’s Hill). We have visited this original Spanish cemetery on a number of occasions, when we dowsed the cemetery and found more than 60 graves, all destroyed, vandalized and purposefully removed of any trace or evidences it ever was there. We are seeking some recognition to that cemetery, in some fashion. His grave has been desecrated over, and again by looters bent on finding, so-called pirate gold. It is true, however, our families were the Baratarian men, Pirates Jean Lafitte’s smugglers and defenders of New Orleans, essentially winning the battle that ended the War of 1812.

We will be visiting old El Orcoquisac later once Liberty, now Carter where his brother, Thomas Goyens widow settled with her family. And, along with family relations the Fields, Wallace & Cherry (Aaron) Cherry also progenitor forefather of the Redbones served as Coushatta chiefs, Aaron was the head of Lafitte’s Baratarians (pirates, smugglers and slave dealers). Nancy Johnson Goyens (widow of Old Thomas, Wm Goyens, of Nacogoches’ brother) arrived to Texas with many slaves the family brought from South Carolina and that she and her heirs inherited from Old Thomas in his estate records, Lafayette Parish, La.. We will be attempting to identify (dowse) for any unmarked grave site, in a n attempt to possibly locate Nancy Johnson Goyens grave. She was reputed to have died at her daughter and son-law, Isiah Fields homestead now only known as the Fields Cemetery. Was also the location of Sam Houston’s (Talihana’s) Grand Cane Plantation near the Trinity River.

Side notes:

  • We call Wm Goyens “of Nacogdoches” because we have so many Williams among our family. In fact, the son of Old Thomas (brother of Wm. of Nacogdoches), William Goyens (nephew of Wm. of Nacogdoches) who married Deliah Ash/Ashes named all his 9 sons, William!
  • Dr. John Sibley (father of Dr. Henry Sibley and whose widow married WM Goyens), Sam Houston and are Redbone Chickamauga Cherokee can be documented from Tennessee to Louisiana to Texas together, and or related to one another.
  • Redbones, with their Iberian, Portuguese and Spanish heritage “invented” the Texas Cattle Culture and Industry, according to Dr. Terry Jordan, of the University of Texas. These cattle families also included: Perkins, Ashworth, White (“LeBlanc” Baratarian), Doyle/Dial, Johnson, Drake, Taylor and others also named in the Texas “Ashworth Act” with WM Goyens, of Nacogdoches.

We will be having a reception (light refreshments & coffee) for visitors and press, and any historical enthusiasts, and hope to garner the attentions of the Nacogdoches county officials and historians who might be interested in finally documenting this legend’s life, accurately.

Public Reception Times
Goins Book Family Research Reunion
Llano Grande Plantation, Tol Barrett House
Phillips Drive
Nacogdoches, Tx.
Thursday June 9th 9am-5:30pm

and thee public is welcome to visit us any evening on the front porch of the historic Tol Barett (Talifaro) House.
Wen June 8th-12th 8:00 – 10pm

The “Elders speak” open forum, every evening from 8pm to 10pm on the front porch of the Tol Barrett house, with bon fire, light refreshments and cocktails. Our families will share Goyens and Redbone stories, legends and share family lore about our early Republic of Texas families. In attendance are Mr. James Ray Johnson 98 yrs. old. A Redbone descendant from Louisiana, author of the Drake Family Cousins; Marilyn Baggett Kobliaka, also a Louisiana Redbone James Goings (brother of Gipson & Martha Patsy Goings Crowder, Big Black Band of Choctaw from Natchez Trace) descendant who also traces her maternal lines to the Melungeon progenitor couple Vardimon & Spanish Peg Gipson/Gypson Collins family. “Vardy” also thought to be a pirate along the Carolina coasts with Old Sol Mullins. She is also the great niece of early republic of Texas settlers, the Jeremiah Goings family and Big Black Band of Choctaw. These families usually represented by Gary “Mishiho” Gabehart, who passed away last year and who our reunion this year is dedicated. He has a chapter in the Goins Book titled, South Texas Goins. He was a registered Chickasaw Indian and descendant of the Early Republic of Texas family of Jeremiah Goins (Big Black Band Choctaw) he and his sons were also of great value to the early settlement of Couhila y Tejas, serving in the Texas Revolutionary War and as Texas Rangers who were involved in the Indian raids around the Cow Creek area and involved in the 97 Ranch Shootout, later men were pardoned by President Grover Clevland, in a last minute reprieve on proof of innocence. Ms. Lorene “Lovie” Brown Goyens descendant of William Taylor White (LeBlance) and Simon Goyens, grandson of Old Thomas and Nancy Johnson Goyens. Simon Goyens was named in Wm Goyens of Nacogdoches estate, as a nephew. Stacy R. Stringer Webb, a 12th generation Texas born Redbone. Chapter titled..the Ones Who Got Away. Author, historian, publisher, researcher, she is a descendant of Old Thomas and Nancy Johnson Goyens. She is heavily descended from the Redbone kinship among the Y-DNA surname matches (Sweat, Perkins, Williams, Warwick, Powell, Goyens) and early Republic of Texas settlers and perfect Y-DNA matches to Wm Goyens of Nacogdoches’ (nephews). Her great grandfather was William Collins aka “Coll” “Collie Ghano” and Amanda Samford “Maudie/y Ghano” Goyens line and Thomas Goyens, and possibly, the “colored Seminole” Scout at Fort Bracket, Texas who fought with The “Whirlwind” Bullis defeating the Apache in the wilds of west Texas! Here father Carl Stringer, 78 will also be in attendance along with several elder members of the Goins family including Oscar Talmadge Goines, 88, retired professor of physics at University of Houston. He is also a Y-DNA donor.

We will also be in Vernon Parish, Louisiana to present a fabulous 2 hour presentation based on a forth coming book titled, GTT…Redbones, Gone to Texas!

Early Tejas Redbone Families...GTT...Redbones Gone to Tejas!

Read press release here

GTT…Redbones, Gone To Texas

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