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Education and the American Missionary Association in the Uwharrie

From Hill Town To Strieby

From Hill Town to Strieby is Williams’ second book and picks up where her first book about her ancestor, Miles Lassiter (circa 1777-1850) an Early African American Quaker from Lassiter Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina: My Research Journey to Home, left off. In her second book, she documents extensively the Reconstruction-era community of Hill Town, later known as Strieby, and the American Missionary Association affiliated church and school, led by the Rev. Islay Walden, serving both Hill Town and Lassiter Mill. She analyzes both communities’ educational improvements through census records, World War I Draft signatures, and grade levels completed per the 1940 census. In addition, she documents four generations ofRead More

Unexpected Ancestry at the Crossroads of Identity and Genetics

The Cherokee Paradox

For much of human history the community tradition as related from elders to a new generation was the gospel as to one’s personal as well as group identity, with little other sources of information available to contradict it. Today, new developments in the science of human genetics have led to unparalleled insight into the identities of our ancestors long ago, but in some cases this information has made it more difficult to answer the question of who we are today. Genetics has brought to light in stunning detail the origins, continual migrations, and intermixture of humanity as how our ancestors spread across the planet. The complexity of this story hasRead More

A New Blog Talk Show, 1st & 3rd Saturday every month!

Legacy & Identity, with Councilman Scott Sewell

Please join Stacy Webb from Backintyme and MEHRA Publishing and C. Scott Hodalee Sewell Thursday June 2nd at 6:00 PM CST Where we would like to introduce a new upcoming show, as well as catch everyone up on ARCITO (Apalachicola River Community Indians), Redbone Nation and Backintyme & Melungon Heritage Associations events coming up in Florida, East Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky & Tennessee! We hope you can join us, but if you miss the live version, you can always listen here to all archived episodes at Blog Talk Radio. We are excited to introducing the Intertribal Council at MEHRA (Multi Ethnic Historical Research Associates). And to introduce a new twice monthlyRead More


GTT…Redbones, Gone To Texas

Announcement For Immediate Release Re: GTT….Redbones, Gone To Texas, Goins Book Research Reunion Nacogdoches, Texsa Early Texas Redbone Families The Hidden Stories of some remnant Redbone families: A Tribal Memoir. GTT…Redbones, Gone To Texas! Hosted by The Vernon Parish Historical & Genealogical Society At The Vernon Parish Library June 11th 10am – 1:00 Lunch will be served. Everyone is welcome, and we hope to see you there! A wealth of historical information presented tracing the Redbone People, who technically illiterate, but craftsmen of migration, militia, fur & Indian trade, settlement and assimilation:prolific and surviving. Documenting their exoduses’ migrations: Pre Revolutionary War to Civil War Reconstruction, Texas. Handouts for presentation, plusRead More

2nd Annual Goins Book Research Reunion

2nd Annual Goins Book Research Reunion Press Release

Press Release For Immediate Release Re: William Goyens, of Nacogdoches, GTT…Redbones, Gone To Texas! A presentation 2nd Goins Book Research Reunion Llano Grand Plantation Nacogdoches, Texas Tol Barret House June 8th-12th My name is Stacy R. Webb, I am a descendant of the Goyens family of East Texas and Louisiana border region. A 12th (or more) generation Texas born Redbone. We are having our 2nd. Annual Goins Reunion Research Week at the Llano Grande Plantation, Tol Barrett House. The purpose of our reunions is to write a book called The Goins Book where we examine, document and preserve the genealogical and historical accounting of this great Republic of Texas family.Read More


2nd Annual The Goins Book Research Reunion

2nd Annual Goins Book Research Reunion at Llano Grande Plantation, The Tol Barrett House In Memory of Gary “Mishiho” Gabehart, 1943 – 2015 Instruction & Agenda Packet When you arrive, you will be given this agenda with schedules, and further reading. We hope to get a lot of work done, but we also want to enjoy our time together and possibly discover new clues to the Goins Family Mysteries. And perhaps finally set the records strait for WM Goyens, of Nacogdoches. We hope you can participate with all the planned events but everything is optional! Leanna Armstrong Wells will be with us at Tol Barrett. Leanna shares a passion forRead More

Volume 1 Number 1

Redbone Chronicles (Index)

In an effort to document and preserve the history, genealogy and origins of the people known as Redbone, the Redbone Heritage Foundation began publishing a collection of conference presentations, articles and essays and genealogies in the Redbone Chronicles, edited by Don C. Marler and Gary “Mishiho” Gabehart We have combined those here and updated the January 2007 issues. This issue includes some never before released conference presentations, articles and essays by descendants, members, researchers and scholars. Including pictures, genealogy and relatives of progenitor fore families, and member submitted DNA results. Contributing authors : James Nickens, M.D., Ethnic and Geographic Origins of the Melungeons part 1; Alvie Walts, Southern Mestee Communities;Read More

Blog Talk Radio

New Year’s Day Backintyme Authors 2016

Backintyme Authors 2016 Scott Sewell, Lars Adams and Margo Williams Broadcast in Social Networking tomorrow at 10:00 pm Backintymedotbiz unfollow Call in to speak with the host h:801557 s:8185715 upcoming   Play Free People of Color Research Books Backintyme Publishing Native American African American Mixed Blood Indian Redbones Dominicker Muscogee Creek Cheraw Choanoke Pamunkey Melungeon Backintyme PublishingJoin us for a fabulous New Years Day episode. We have invited Scott Hodalee Sewell to join us and discuss his newest publishing, Belles of the Creek Nation and upcoming title Voices. Scott is a Mixed Blood Indian and has written extensively on the Creek Muscogee and Dominicker peoples along with in-depth looks intoRead More

American Bred; Oddysseys of the Mixed Blood Frontier Family

Belles of the Creek Nation (Index)

Belles of The Creek Nation is an innovative and modern perspective investigating the problematic linkages between preservation of cultural heritage, maintaining cultural diversity, defining and establishing cultural citizenship, and ancient tribal rite of passage. It is the first publication to address the notions of cultural diversity among Mixed Blood heritage, tribal culture and sacred rights of the people, all in one book. The relationships and heritage presented provides the basis of humanity’s rich cultural diversity among descendants of remnant Indian clans. While there is considerable literature dealing separately with cultural diversity, cultural heritage and tribal rights, this book distinctively presents contemporary relevance in focusing on the intersection between these concepts.Read More

In Memory of Gary Gabehart

Open Mic Sunday at Blog Talk Radio

Open Mic Sunday: 2 hrs. In memory of Gary “Gabe” Gabehart “Mishiho” Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Backintymedotbiz on BlogTalkRadio Talking Points For Open Mic: Remembering of Brother Gary Gabehart “Mishiho” Call in comments Commentary Research News: Nash Research recently transcribed from the George Washington Papers. Indian Trader John Nash assigned to trade and give gifts out to the Cherokee, Catwbas & Nottoway Indians along the Cumberland Gap River Regions including Rock Creek. Later William and Thomas Nash purchase land and settle at Rye Cove near Ft Blackmore, now Scott Co., Va. among the Cherokee and Delaware (Lanape) Indians. Genetic Genealogy Closure of Sorensens Labs UpdatesRead More

From Jamestown to Republic of Texas

Goins Book Research Reunion-Toll Barrett House-DNA

Sunday at 3:00pm CST Please join at Blog Talk Radio here on April 12th, 2015 for a live recorded episode. You may call in on your phone to speak with the host, or listen on your cell phone. Or, you may listen online here, or at If you miss the live streaming recording, you can always listen to the recorded version archived here and at Blog Talk Radio, at your leisure on-demand. We hope to chat with you and take questions if we have call in’s to our panel quest, authors and contributing genealogist to the upcoming Goins Book due out in the fall 2015 from Backintyme Publishing. ThisRead More

Etowachutke Tribe, Florida Gaskin Settlement

Listen Live or Archived Version of Blog Talk Radio Episode Here                   Thomas2 Gaskin (T.C.1) He married Abby. Hundreds of Negroes crossed the American border in to Spanish Florida to escaped slavery. These swamps and forests became their home. The men built houses for their families and raised crops in this hidden and fertile land, along the Willacoochee River. Many of these fugitives joined the Seminoles, a tribe that had left the Creek Indians (Seminole means runaway). America’s first foreign treaty (1790) demanded that the Creeks “deliver” those Negroes who lived among them. But the Indians continued to protect their new blackRead More

North Florida Indians, Scott Sewell

    Interviewee: Scott Sewell, North Florida Indians Airtime: Saturday December 27th 3:00-5:00pm CST Introduction: Author, researcher, historian, Tribal Member. Scott Sewell. Scott is currently concluding his MBA and will be moving home to N Florida, where he will continue his studies at the Doctorate level. Christopher Scott Sewell was born in New Bern, North Carolina. He holds a degree in Sociology from Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma. He has worked extensively as a contract researcher in the field of Southeastern populations, and has been involved in Native American rights issues for twenty years. He has recently moved home to Pensacola, Florida. He is publishing a new title soonRead More

Pell Mellers, Race & Memory in a Carolina Pocosin, Paul Johnson

          Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Backintymedotbiz on BlogTalkRadio Airtime: Thursday Dec 18th 3:00-5:00pm CST Show Line Up & Talking Points: Introduction: Author and historian Associates; MHA,, Other Publications: Carolina Genesis, Backintyme, chapter “Dismal Swamp Quakers on the Color Line”; State University of New York Press, Edgar Cayce in Context (1998), Initiates of Theosophical Masters (1995), and The Masters Revealed (1994); forthoming in 2015 from Typhon Press, Sarah Stanley Grimke Collected Writings, editor, and Con Artists, Enthusiasts and True Believers (chapter author.) Pell Mellers: A Genealogical Quest in the Triracial South What began as genealogical research into the author’s ancestryRead More

Chowan Discovery Group, Marvin T. Jones

Show Line Up & Talking Points: Airtime: Saturday, Dec 20th 3:00-5:00pm CST Show Line Up & Talking Points: Introduction: Author and historian Marvin T. Jones, Marvin T. Jones: Executive Director Owner of Marvin T. Jones and Associates, specializing in corporate communications photography and photographic design. His love of the community of his birth led him to create the now defunct,  a personal website of stories and photo essays. Jones is a native of Cofield, North Carolina; he attended the Winton Triangle’s C. S. Brown School and graduated from Ahoskie High School. Books: CAROLINA GENESIS – Beyond the Color Line presents the first published history of the Winton Triangle. MarvinRead More

Legal History of The Color Line, The Rise & Triumph of the One-Drop Rule

Legal History of the Color Line: The Rise and Triumph of the One-Drop Rule Paperback – July 3, 2013 by Frank W Sweet (Author) Every Year, 35,000 Black-Born Youngsters Redefine Themselves as White. About 1/3 of “White” Americans have detectable African DNA. Genealogists were the first to learn that America’s color line leaks. Black researchers often find White ancestry. White genealogists routinely uncover Black ancestry. Molecular anthropologists now confirm Afro-European mixing in our DNA. The plain fact is that few Americans can truly say that they are genetically unmixed. Yet liberals and conservatives alike agree that so-called Whites and Blacks are distinct political “races.” When did ideology triumph over reality?Read More

Reproducing Race, The Paradox of Generation Mix

Reproducing Race: The Paradox of Generation Mix Rainier Spencer ISBN: 978-1-58826-751-1 $68.50 ISBN: 978-1-58826-776-4 $27.50 2010/355 pages/LC: 2010026517 A related title: Challenging Multiracial Identity by Rainier Spencer → Click here to read this book’s introduction. “Well-crafted and tightly written…. This is a challenging and thought-provoking book…. In teaching the sociology of race and ethnicity, such a text is likely to act as a useful stimulus. It has the potential to encourage critical engagement with competing perspectives on the significance of racial categories and racial mixing in the past, present and future contexts.”—Vicki Harman, Ethnic and Racial Studies“[An] insightful analysis and critique of ideologies surrounding ‘multiracialism’ in the 21st-century US…. AnRead More

Belles of The Creek Nation by Scott Sewell

Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Backintymedotbiz on BlogTalkRadio Scott Sewell will join us to tell us all about his upcoming book, The Belle’s of The Creek Nation!  A new publication from by Scott Sewell.  An intriquing family saga of Muscogee Creek Doyle and Hill Families, some who attended the Asbury Missionary Institution near Ft Mitchell Creek Nation. The Poarch Creek Band, The Dominikers, Lumbee & Creek Indians. Very exciting new book with lots of genealogy, pictures, original artwork,  and documentation! Some of the families migrated to Texas and then onto self migrate to the Creek Nation, Indian Territory. Sewell is the coauthor of Indians ofRead More

The Manuel Family

Eddie Manuel, The Manuel Family

Interview with Eddie Manuel at at Blog Talk Radio. Eddie will talk about the Manuel Family who are of Lumbee & Melungeon descent. The Manuel family shared a Portuguese heritage, as well as Native American. Eddie will share with us his DNA scores and what those means to him, as an educator, father, husband & Melungeon descendant in the 21st century. Eddie Manuel, has made his home in Wytheville, Va for 35 years. He is an adjunct professor teaches American, World History and Military Leaders at Granthum University and serves as consultant to the Melungeon Heritage Association. Eddie has also built a “Melungeon Village” in his back yard. “ToRead More

Let’s Talk Redbone & Melungeon DNA

I will elaborate on Redbone DNA results and the often confusing myths and obstacles to understand your results, ethnicity and admixture. To get a basic idea of Redbone DNA results, you may review these on my website, here. Please do contribute your scores and or share questions and answers for others. This will be a 45 minute discussion. If you would like more information on Tribes DNA testing that the Redbones took, you can visit their website for more information here. Check Out Social Networking Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Backintymedotbiz on BlogTalkRadio

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